Senior Protection Celebrates & Supports UPICA

Senior Protection Celebrates Diwali with UPICA

On October 21st, 2022, Senior Protection had the privilege to attend and celebrate Diwali with UPICA (Uttar Predeshies In Canada). The celebration was about a community coming together to enjoy and celebrate a holiday that is so important with traditions. The event was filled with an evening of amazing traditional Indian cuisine, entertainment, dancing and so much more.

What Is UPICA?

UPICA provides opportunities for the Indo-Canadians whose roots are from Uttar Pradesh in India, to share their unique cultural experiences. It organizes and participates in a variety of social and cultural events throughout the year, to promote the cultural heritage and diversity of Uttar Pradesh. It serves as a platform to foster goodwill between India and Canada.

What Is Diwali?

Often referred to as the festival of lights, (or Deepavali in south India), Diwali is a time for religious rituals and sharing traditional stories. Many celebrators take an opportunity to light up the home, engage in parties, buy and wear beautiful clothes and my personal favorites of feasting and an exchange of gifts. 🙂 Each region of India seems to have its own traditions in celebrating Diwali, however, they all agree that Diwali represents the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness and wisdom over ignorance.

Senior Protection would like to take this opportunity to thank UPICA for allowing us to partake in such a terrific event and evening of commemorating such a wonderful holiday and community. Ten employees attended on behalf of Senior Protection & Alarm Guard Security who later expressed how much they truly enjoyed the experience. Special thanks to Mr Sanjeev Malik and the team from UPICA who made it all possible. We appreciate the warm embrace and allowing Senior Protection to be a part of something so special.


Mr. Patrick Brown was in attendance and was given the opportunity to speak at the event. Mr. Brown was recently re-elected as Mayor of the City of Brampton, and on behalf of Senior Protection, we would like to extend our congratulations and support to him and the residents of Brampton Ontario.

Family At Home & Work

At Senior Protection we have the privilege of celebrating so many events and holidays that mean so much to our work families. Our company is blessed with so many beautiful cultures and beliefs that we have the privilege of celebrating them in unity.

Mr. Mayank Chaudhary (President & Owner of Senior Protection / Alarm Guard Security) deserves special thanks who made it all possible for the staff to attend the special event. His continued support and devotion to Senior Protection, Alarm Guard Security and all his staff contributes to our company’s success and future. Thank you for accepting us into your family.

On behalf of Senior Protection, From our family to yours…

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous Diwali; May the divine lights of Diwali fill your life with happiness, prosperity, and peace.

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