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Alarm Guard Senior Protection device





Senior Protection offers a rewarding income for individuals that refer our service to family, friends,  current customers, and if you are an online marketer.


Referring someone to safety is noble and should be rewarding. We simplify the process for you by taking the lead and closing it from start to finish. Just send the leads and earn.

What is an affiliate ?

We Accept Them All

Affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing in which a business rewards an affiliate (or a group of affiliates) 

for promoting its products or services through a special link or code.

Here's How It Works :

The Senior Protection affiliate program provides special affiliate links or codes to its affiliates. The affiliate promotes our products or services using the provided links or codes through their website, social media, email marketing, or other means.

When someone clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase, Senior Protection pays the affiliate a commission, which is usually a percentage of the sale value. Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy, meaning that the affiliate only earns a commission when they successfully refer a customer to the merchant. This makes it a cost-effective way for businesses to promote their products or services, as they only pay for results.

Affiliate marketing is a popular way for bloggers, influencers, and website owners to monetize their online presence. By promoting products or services that align with their audience's interests, they can earn commissions and provide valuable recommendations to their followers.

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