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Our customers and their safety is our ultimate priority and concern while we protect across Canada.

Fall detection made easy: Choose between a bracelet or necklace for added safety and peace of mind.

Senior Protection On-The-Go offers protection for active seniors and the independent living to travel across Canada with peace of mind. When it comes to your protection, we offer many options and levels to protect you or your loved ones. Seniors may wear it as a bracelet, necklace pendant & wearable button for fall detection in Canada.

mobile medical alert systems canada

When an accident happens it’s important to know that someone is there when you need it most. Our automated instant alerts and notifications can keep your family and loved ones notified as well. 

The mobile alert device has a built in sim card that works anywhere in Canada that holds a cell reception similar to your phone. This offers added protection whether you are at home or on the go. 

Live two way voice is initiated with the emergency button press or in the event of a fall being detected

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most popular & affordable

Call Today & Save

  • Emergency (LTE, 2 way voice, GPS, Fall capable)
  • Charging Docking Station (easy slide in)
  • Breakaway lanyard (necklace)
  • USB For Car charging for long trips
  • Waterproof (Wear in shower or rain)
  • Voice Alerts & So Much More…
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