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You might be asking yourself “what exactly does that mean?” Well, here is our intention on the meaning behind our slogan. The idea of living life on your terms essentially means the ability to have control, independence and longevity to make the easy and crucial decisions of your life today and tomorrow.

What makes this such a powerful statement? First, you will need to understand the audience, it is intended for, specifically to seniors in Canada. For Senior Protection and all its customers (who are made up of senior men and women aged between 55 all the way up to our beloved Margaret who turned 103 in June 2021 this year.) This means the ability to retain their current living conditions as long as possible without the intervention of illness caused by an accident that perhaps could have been avoided or at the very least, minimized.

You may have heard the term “Aging in Place” or “Aging Well” more and more over the last 12 months.

Be prepared as you will see it more and more as an awareness from the Canadian government, agencies and companies that work directly with seniors in Canada has been implemented into their strategy and awareness.

What has brought on this change or need for change in how we support our seniors in Canada? The impact of Covid19 and the stress it has put upon our senior living conditions could no longer go unnoticed. The power of social media has allowed this tragedy to be publicly displayed and create an awareness that we can no longer avoid, including the Canadian government.

What is the solution? Let’s be honest, there is absolutely no quick fix or easy remedy that will help seniors overnight. The talk about increasing beds and communities in long term care facilities is definitely a start, but in no way a solution to the overall problem. The only thing it will help is our hospitals as we have an enormous amount of seniors in Canada occupying beds currently waiting for openings in our long term care facilities. Seems like placing a band aid over the problem, unfortunately there will be a point where we can run out of band aids, when we should have really stopped the bleeding or the need for them.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely agree with increasing long term care facilities so they are readily available for our seniors in Canada. But this should have been done years and years ago and not as a shock during the pandemic. We all know that life expectancy continues to increase year after year and it was no shock that the baby boomers are now retiring. Simple mathematics can tell you that the numbers will continue to grow and grow as their children will become the next generation of seniors in Canada and when.

“Aging In Place” or ”Aging Well” is what Senior Protection believes to be the best approach to our current crisis and the future for senior living. Allowing a senior to continue living in their place of residence should be how Canada approaches the future. Seniors among all others deserve the respect, ability and decision to enjoy the comfort and lifestyle they worked so hard to build for many years.


As a senior living in Canada you have options, and the ability to take action today towards your future and your lifestyle. Many of us live our life for our children, family members without the urgence for planning or worrying about our future.

When the time arises and we need help as seniors, the last thing we want when the time comes is to put the stress on our children or family which unfortunately leaves us no other option than to be placed into the system. The problem is the system in Canada is built in such a way that removes our independence and more importantly “our lifestyle”.

At this point it is evident that unless you take action today or at the very least plan for tomorrow, you can be thrown into the system and in most cases due to a fall or accident that could have possibly been avoided. Let’s face it, there is no better way of living life than in the comfort of your own residence.

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