Senior Protection By Alarm Guard

senior protection

How It Works

Personal Emergency Response System


senior protection offers the best medical alert device with 24/7 emergency response across canada.


Emergency - Step 1

Simple Button Press Or Fall Being Detected

24/7 emergency response

Easy Button Press or Fall Detected!

With the simple press of the emergency button or a fall being detected, the unit will automatically call our central monitoring station. A live trained operator will speak through the device and assist you for your safety.

Live Help - Step 2

Live 2 Way Voice With Our Trained Operator

instant alerts & notifications

GPS, Instant Alerts & Commands Interactive Safety

The moment an emergency is initiated an alert is sent to your family or caregiver. We can pinpoint your location as well as your family so help is on its way as fast as possible. Your mobile device has built in commands to alert you with a low battery or bad cell reception alert. 

Help is on the way - Step 3

Paremedics or Family Members Are On Their Way

Help available 24/7

24 hr Monitoring Services Dispatched

In the event of an emergency our live trained operators will dispatch emergency services to your location. Not home ?  No problem, our GPS location finder can pinpoint your location and help emergency services and your family locate you.