Quick Question: Why Choose Senior Protection? Quick Answer: Because We Care..

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You might be thinking here we go again, another company saying they care and they are the best. Well to be honest with you, yes we do believe we are the best when it comes to product quality, service and price protection.

Listen, Senior Protection is a division of Alarm Guard Security, a proud Canadian company that has been protecting families & seniors for over 19 years strong. We are no stranger to safety and security and exactly what it takes to properly protect our customers.

Where It Starts!!

We believe it all starts with customer service or as we like to call “customer care team”. All our representatives that make up our customer care team are trained to help and assist with medical alert services and procedures. At Senior Protection we believe in the importance of answering or making any calls with a smile. They take every opportunity to give the best possible experience for any customer or potential customer looking for peace of mind and independent protection.

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Customer Care Appreciation 2021

Senior Protection would like to take this opportunity to recognize some key players inside our customer care team that have truly made a difference in the year 2021 to the company as well as our customers.

Arti Odedra – (Customer Care Leader): Arti began her career with Alarm Guard Security several years back and has demonstrated many quality skills that were identified quickly through her experience and hard work. Her ability to help clients in a professional and courteous manner was recognized early on which awarded her a position into our customer care team for Senior Protection. Arti continues to help manage the department with a smile and eagerness to help anyone in need. Keep up the great work Arti !

Melissa Camara – (Customer Care Leader): Melissa began her career with Senior Protection as a field Senior Protection consultant visiting homes and offering a demonstration to help protect seniors in Canada. Due to the pandemic that hit in early 2019 she was quickly assigned a new and important role with our customer care team. Her ability to communicate and recognize where seniors can be helped is among the best in the industry. This is all evident through her true nature for caring for her customers. Great work Melissa!!

The customer care team is trained to offer a qualified consultation over the phone to assist seniors with selecting the right medical alert device on an individual basis. They understand the needs are different from senior to senior and always make sure to identify what is most important in their protection and lifestyle.

Where Does It Go From There?

Customer care does not stop here, our care team can access all the information to completely answer any questions that may come their way.

  • This includes the following:
  • Medical Alert Device and Features
  • Billing / Accounting
  • Technical Training On Alert Devices
  • Account Information
  • Testing
  • Activations
  • Pricing & Discounts
  • & So Much More With A Smile.. 🙂

Message From Our Staff: We are proud of our program, and all our staff across the country believe in our culture of “Saving Lives”. Our success is a clear indication of the system working and we are actually changing the quality of seniors lives everyday. Our customer care team works very hard because they truly care. Our promise to our customers is we will never be perfect, but we will continue to become better and better and exceed our customers expectations as we continue to grow.

Have You Been Struggling?  With The Fear Of Being Alone When A Fall Or Medical Emergency Happens, Then You Need A Life Safety System

In the event of a fall, the technology inside will sense the sudden change in elevation and immediately connect you to our trained emergency response team 24/7.

Even if you’re completely immobilized and can’t verbally respond, an emergency response is still notified and can be sent to your location through GPS.

This means you can finally have peace of mind in your own home again, knowing you’re protected and safe should something happen suddenly

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