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To Senior Protection

For years Senior Protection has been delivering peace of mind protection to families across Canada. 
Our main priority is to offer an advanced product with the best possible service that exceeds our customer expectations.  

Independence For Canadian Seniors

Personal emergency response system

Mobile Alert Pendant, Alarm and PERS.

Senior Protection medical alert pendant is a wireless two-way home personal emergency response system that provides safe independent living to Canadians nationwide.
Your not alone with Senior Protection, our help is only a button press away with our medical alert emergency system. One simple press of your emergency pendant button will initiate an instant live call with our emergency response team.
In the event of a fall or accident your new emergency pendant can initiate a call to our team hands free.  Contact us for more details
Help is on it’s way whether it is by family, friends, or ambulance and we will stay on the line with you until help arrives.

three steps to Living Independently

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Our Personal Emergency Response Pendants are equipped with all the accessories right out of the box.  

No Need To Purchase Extra Add Ons…


Button Press or
Fall Detected

An emergency call is activated by the push of the emergency button or if the fall alert feature senses a fall.


Speak To A Live Response Agent

The hands free call is instantly connected with a trained response agent to assist with the emergency.


Help Is On The Way

Our agents will stay on the line with you until help arrives.  Your choice of Family, friends, neighbors or paramedics.

Our testimonials

Thank you for sending me my bracelet so fast, who would have guessed that the next day was my first fall.
Betty Yin
Retired Nanny
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John Doe