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Senior At Home Protection

An emergency alert system with wireless accessory on demand help, anywhere in your home.

Introducing the Senior Protection at-home safety alert system. This is our cost effective emergency alert system that utilizes your home phone line for communication through our base station. This service offers both button press and fall detection services through a wireless pendant that can be worn anywhere in and around the home. We offer a Canadian based monitoring center that gives 24/7 live operator assistance in any emergency situation. The pendant can be worn as a bracelet or lanyard and can be pressed up to 1,000 feet away from the base station offering you immediate access to help.

24/7 HELP

The moment your system is activated, you’ll be connected to our Multilingual speaking, professionally trained operators at our 24/7 monitoring center


Provides wireless connection to the base in your home through a traditional phone line system. Completely waterproof pendants to keep you protected.


With a built-in speaker inside the base unit with adjustable volume allowing for loud and clear communication between you and our emergency response team.

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Peace of Mind At Home With Access to Help When You Need It Most

Feel safe in and around your home with our at-home wireless emergency alert system.

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