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Expect Everything When It Comes to Your Safety..

We believe when you order the very best for your protection it should come included with no extra charges for accessories.  Our packages come complete..


Bracelet, Watch & Belt Clip

Charge it up

At Home or In The Car

Ready To Go

Fully Programmed

premium elite package


Mobile Medical Alert Device: Only 1.5 ounces- comfortable to carry or wear. Durable Shatter-resistant with rugged construction. Small In Size: 2.5” x 1.8” x .67” compact yet powerful.

Accessories: Comes complete out of the box ready to wear as a necklace, watch or even a belt clip. Don’t worry, you can wear it as a necklace this week and then a belt clip next week. Change it up with your lifestyle. 

Charging: Receive the full docking station for easy drop in and keeping your device charged. 

Ready To Go: When you order our service we ensure to take all your information so we can fully program it for you to use the moment you receive it. 

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Platinum at home protection

IN HOME ACCESSORIES Work In And Around The Home

Comes complete with base station that can plug into your phone line or work as a standalone.  Includes small watch or lanyard to wear around the house up to 1,000 square feet. No need for charging as the battery will last 3-5yrs. We also offer a fall pendant device that works with the system and can be ordered as an add on. 

Premium device package

SEEING IS BELIEVING Device & Accessories

Senior Protection offers peace of mind protection for our customers and extended families through personal emergency response services.  No extra charges for accessories that help make your life safe.