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Senior Protection is now officia

It is with great pleasure to announce that Senior Protection is officially listed as a trusted service provider with Boom Health. A premium app developed to help families manage their loved ones home care, bundled together with the most trusted services across Canada and soon to be in the U.S.

Boom Health can take the stress out of organizing care, eliminating multiple calls and seeking out the different services that are needed for your loved ones home care. Senior Protection is proud to provide the service listed under the Emergency category and the official supplier of medical alert devices and life safety monitoring for Boom users across Canada.

The app can be found on both: The App Store for Apple users as well as Google Play for android users. Anyone downloading the app will have completed and expedited access to the important categories listed in Boom. The idea of having your loved one’s care completely accessible through one trusted platform (Boom) is appealing to families across Canada. Cost sharing is only one of the benefits family members are finding that Boom helps remove the stress in making important decisions and cost related services for your loved one.

The following categories can be found inside the Boom app to help navigate the care for any senior by family members, caregivers or the senior themself.

Senior Protection is now officially a trusted partner of Boom.health

Let’s have a quick introduction of the founder Lisa Assaf of Boom Health and the reason for how it came to be.

Lisa’s Story Creating the Boom App

In early 2015, Lisa Assaf, founder of the Boom app and a former family law lawyer, was facing a life-altering challenge that many Canadians are all too familiar with – organizing care for a loved one. Her father, living alone in his late seventies, was diagnosed with cancer. So began a journey experienced by many; navigating a labyrinth of appointments, bookings, and making choices about services to support an aging or unwell family member.

By the time the journey was completed, sadly with the death of her father, Lisa had a deep appreciation for how difficult this was for Canadians, especially those with jobs, children, and other responsibilities. “I remember the day of my father’s discharge after surgery, being handed a large stack of paper with all kinds of instructions, and realizing it was up to my sister and I to organize a system of care personalized to him. Balancing the demands of family life, employment, and caring for a loved one can be challenging, especially when services are not readily available without playing an extended game of telephone tag! I remember feeling overwhelmed and alone.”

This prompted Lisa to create Boom, a comprehensive marketplace to book vetted in-home care needs, at a time when so much of home care would also benefit from modernization.

“Giving back time to people to spend with a loved one is what this is all about”, says Lisa.

To read more, please visit Boom.health and see Lisa’s story…


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Senior Protection is extremely privileged for being part of such a great solution. Helping families across Canada manage their loved one’s safety, in a quick, easy and reliable way through Boom.

Boom is currently working with trusted partners from some of the most established names in the health industry and technical sector. New services and areas are continuously being added so Boom can help more families & provinces across Canada.

Boom is currently working with trusted partners


Senior Protection is now officially a trusted partner of Boom.health

To learn more about helping protect yourself or your senior loved one, please contact our customer care team at 1 866 416 0838 and learn more about life safety, fall alert detection and complete safety monitoring 24/7.




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