What To Do When You Fall and Can’t Get Up?

How to get up after a fall

Falls occur more often than we think and chances are if you are reading this article it has happened to you. The most common reasons for not being able to get up is primarily due to injury, stiff joints, weak muscles, or a number of other factors. But in any case, knowing what to do after a fall is just as important as learning how to get up safely.

When we fall, our first reaction is to immediately get up, and if that doesn’t work we tend to panic. Let’s face it, a fall will happen to the best of us and will eventually be a part of all our lives in one way or another. Knowing what to do when and after we feel is very important, if done properly, it could help remove the risk of an immediate further fall when attempting to get up.

Fall Risk Assessment

Put Your Safety To The Test

The following questions just may be a wake-up call to your current safety, so please answer honestly so you can see how safe you are. Many people will answer differently to the questions below which will directly relate to their current living conditions and the support system they currently have.

Question 1: Do you have someone that you could rely on to be there in the event of a fall at any time, meaning 24/7?
Yes or No

Question 2: If you leave your home for groceries, Dr appointments or to visit someone, do you have a device that can call for help with the push of a button? (Cell phones do not count as you would have to turn it on and then punch in the numbers or scroll to a phone number)
Yes or No

Question 3: If you fall in the shower and bump your head is there an intercom system that you can quickly connect with help?
Yes or No

Question 4: In the event of a fire in your home or apartment, and you fall due to smoke inhalation or impaired vision due to the smoke. Do you have a direct connection for help?
Yes or No

Question 5: If you are attacked and fall to the ground, do you have a way to alert family or friends immediately?
Yes or No

What is your score?   Let’s take a look at how you rated for safety based on the 5 safety questions you answered. Remember, honesty is the best policy and the only way to bring true awareness and acceptance within yourself.

Did you answer Yes to all 5 questions?

Wow, you are a rockstar! You have taken every precaution to ensure your safety in the event of a fall for any reason. Chances are you are fully secured with a mobile medical alert device (Hopefully with Senior Protection) that will allow you to connect with a response team in the event of any emergency. Keep up the great work.

Did you answer Yes to 4 questions?

Congratulations, this is not a perfect score but you have definitely thought about your safety and have a good support system. Your safety seems to be a priority and you think things through.

Did you answer Yes to 3 questions?

Not bad, you are ahead of the game compared to a majority of Canadians out there. You have thought about safety at one point but perhaps have left a few things lapse. Don’t give up and think safety.

Did you answer Yes to 2 Questions?

Time to seriously think safety. You need to re-assess your situation and possibly ask someone for help to evaluate your safety concerns. You are too important to ignore any loopholes in your safety.

Did you answer Yes At Least Once or At All?

Please take action. Action is required for your own safety. Bring in your family and discuss the concerns around your health and safety. This could help identify further threats to your safety that you may not be thinking about.

What would you do if you fell and could not get up?

Would you just lay there until help happens to come by chance? Or do you have a way to signal for help, even if you were unable to do so.

If your a senior living in Canada and could not answer this question respectively, then it is time to take a serious dive into seeking possible safety measures that can help. Yes, I am referring to a medical alert device equipped to help you answer Yes to all the questions above.

A medical alert device from Senior Protection just might be the ticket you were looking for on a ride to safety. Seniors across Canada are looking at living in their own homes longer with independence, and a personal emergency response device can help with that.

At Senior Protection we give our customers the ability to call for help on demand for any reason with our medical alert device and services. Whether you have fallen, in an accident, caught in a fire, lost, been attacked or threatened by an intruder, our services can offer you peace of mind in most situations. With the press of a button or the device registering a fall you can be connected with our response team anytime 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

With our hands-free talk and listen (two-way voice), you can get the help you need and fast. Our built-in GPS can pinpoint your location and help identify where you are, even if you are unable to respond. Don’t forget that our instant notification system can alert your family and friends in real time when an emergency occurs.

For more information on how to be protected from a company that truly cares about you and your safety.

Stay Safe At Home !!    Stay Safe On The Go !!     Stay Safe While Being Active !!

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