Change Is Good When You Make The Right Choices

Tips for Seniors to Maintain Health

How would you like to have a healthier you without taking a whole lot of time out of your day? Well, you can with a few changes in your life! Most seniors get stuck in the same old rut, and routine. This is often the case even when what your doing is not the healthiest for your body and mind. The mind is where you need to start in order to reshape the body in a healthy and feel-good way.

Are you ready to take action and seriously make a change for the better?

Ways Maintain Weight and Healthy Lifestyle for Seniors

The best way to start is to set forth some good habits. Most of us eat at will when our minds are bored and our bodies are inactive.

The end result: An unhealthy amount of weight…an unhappy person…and an uncontrollable hunger. When we become stationary our bodies have nothing better to do than store the fat from the foods that we intake, therefore leading to overweight and possibly obesity. When this happens our bodies scream at us for a change through health-related problems such as diabetes, heart conditions, cholesterol problems, breathing problems, etc. Now is the BEST time for CHANGE!

Experts say that the best way to start your journey to a healthier you is through the brain. Yes, the brain. In order to become healthier, you have to overcome the obstacles that you see before you, and once you see and accept the need for change it can happen for you. Breaking old habits is not easy, and you really have to become a different person in order to develop healthy thinking on top of any new habits. You need to keep up your self-esteem, and a healthy self-esteem will keep that inner self burning to reach your ultimate goal.

We all need to reward ourselves for achievements big or small, but the key is to stay away from those unhealthy rewards. Too many times we associate food with rewarding some of our accomplishments. Why not go another route and buy yourself some new clothes or pay for an activity that you thoroughly enjoy. If all else fails simply give yourself a pat on the back and think positively about a job well done.

Healthy Eating for Older Adults

Great ways To Start A Healthy Lifestyle

First, reduce your consumption of high-calorie foods. You have to replace them withlow-calorie, nutrient-dense foods. High fiber is key. You can also learn to make healthy substitutions for the unhealthy indulgences you make daily. For instance, if you were thinking of having a cheeseburger and fries, you might decide to forego the fries and make a dash for a garden salad with low-calorie ranch dressing instead. If you are a sucker for chicken nuggets with creamy pasta sauce, you can try some low-fat chicken breast with vegetables and a high-fiber bun or bread, or you might want to replace that creamy pasta with a low-fat marinara sauce. Instead of oily take-out pizza, try some oven-baked fish with rice and a small salad instead. Your body will thank you.

Another great change is to exercise when you are bored instead of eating. Go outside; plan some physical activity instead of sitting in front of the computer. If you’re a total hermit, get a stationary bike and pedal while you watch your soap operas. You can take a walk with a friend, go swimming, explore your local mall, or pace around the house; any kind of moving is better than sitting.

Write down everything you eat so you are sure of what’s going in. Lots of people gain weight by sitting in front of the television with a big bucket of chicken. Portion your food and write it down. Because it’s a lot easier to keep track of how many calories you are taking in if your food is portioned. It’s time to get out of denial about how much food you really eat. Lots of overweight people claim they don’t really eat much food, but sometimes they eat a lot without knowing it. I am guilty of forgetting how much I eat and in most cases, we always imagine less than what we really ingested.

Keeping track of your physical activities is the best way to set your goals so you can meet and exceed them. If you write it down you will be completely aware of your exercise progress. There are books that are made specifically to help you log your activity, and also many websites that help you log your activities and count the calories you burn.

Failure Should Not Be Considered Failure

One of the most important things to remember is not to fear failure; in fact, expect to fail multiple times before you reach your goal. Remember that those failures are small battles in an overall war for your health. Control your stress and other factors that may impact your success. Everyone is going to have their bad days. More importantly, it is how you react and respond to those bad days.

Anything you do should be done because you want to do it for yourself and nobody else. More and more seniors are living a healthy and active life, jump on board and get informed on how you can achieve this for yourself.

Stay Active – Stay Healthy – Stay Protected!

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