Serving #903, Are We All Just A Number?

Customers Are People

Sadly the answer is a staggering YES. More and more people agree that as time goes on, we are slowly losing our identity or at the very least that personal touch.

What was once a society filled with customer service-focused business and relationships, has steadily turned into online ratings, interactions and eCommerce. Some may think this is the future and the most efficient way of doing business, however, some local Canadian companies refuse to give into this way of life and service.

Thankfully, some proud Canadian companies such as the Senior Protection can confidently say our customers are not simply numbers, they are real people who deserve respect and that personal interaction.

How does Senior Protection by Alarm Guard retain & value their customers without giving into treating them just as a number?

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The answer is simple, it has to start within the business itself with a vision, culture and service expectation. At Senior Protection we hold our staff to the highest standards and treat them as we would our customers, in turn we can expect them to pass on the same courtesy and respect to our customers.

In 2019 Senior Protection announced the investment into the customer care team and technical support departments which held the key to helping our customers with service satisfaction as our focus.

The three key ingredients that were used and are still being upheld today are:

VISION: Our vision is to become the largest provider of personal emergency response services in Canada, while still ensuring the personal satisfaction of each of our customers. Each year our customer base continues to grow and grow exponentially because we are great at what we do and we truly care about the health and safety of our customers.

CULTURE: Senior Protection was built on the principle of saving lives. Our staff are highly trained and motivated in helping seniors through our customer care team. Some of which have worked in the health industry as personal support workers and health care aids. Our staff are recognized for their honourable service through incentives and awards, we find the “pay it forward method” works as it is displayed unto our customers in return.

SERVICE: We believe in customer satisfaction and performing at our finest. A major part of our service commitment is ensuring we carry the absolute best products available. Many of our services offer our customers a safety solution that they can afford and in most cases with no upfront cost. Our support team work hard to ensure safety being our number one priority and commitment to our valued clients.

When a customer calls any of our departments we immediately ask for their name, not because we need this info to look up their account. This is done so we can identify and personalize with our customers on a first name basis.

In a recent discussion with our Director of sales & service “Mr. Glen Campbell” we asked what he thought made Senior Protection in his opinion above the competition.

His response was

“I have worked for several companies in my lifetime, most of which were very good. But they all seemed to lack the integrity of customer service and retention. Many boardroom meetings were always in regards to sales and numbers, nothing was mentioned about how many lives were saved or how we performed in customer satisfaction overall.

At Senior Protection our boardroom meetings contain the information that can be measured for all aspects of the business. All department managers are involved directly with feedback from our customers (good or bad). We feel the sales and retention numbers will follow if we perform our due diligence in ensuring the system works for everyone involved. The best part of my job is that I have the ability to make a difference and watch the ripple effect across our staff all the way to our customer in a positive way. “

The reason for this article is to let seniors in Canada know that there are still some Canadian companies that are doing their best to conserve the integrity and personal touch for our senior customers

Listen, this does not mean we are perfect in every way. But we have the right mindset instilled in our staff from front line workers (customer care) all the way to upper management that we will not ignore anything less than excellence.

We will continue our success in the PERS industry with our vision, culture and service. This means offering seniors the best possible medical alert device at the most reasonable price while upholding our promise to customer care.

Want to know more about how Senior Protection works and what we can do for you? Feel free to browse our website at SeniorProtection.ca our better yet give our customer care team a call with any questions you may have regarding obtaining a new life safety fall alert device with no money upfront.

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