Senior Protection By Alarm Guard

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Alarm Guard Senior Protection device

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Our customer care team is busy responding to seniors
regarding our life safety fall detection system.

your safety is the most important to us 1 866 416 0838

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  • Accounts & Billing
  • Setup & Service
  • Call 1 866 416 0838


  • Care Team is Open 9am - 9pm
  • Monitoring is 24hours / 7days
  • We offer servicee with a smile


  • Technical Support
  • Testing & Inquiries
  • Accessory & Device Setup

EXPECT THE BEST From Senior Protection

$0 Equipment Costs

We offer no up front cost on our medical alert system.

$0 Installation Costs

Our team programs and covers the cost to ship to you.

$0 Service Costs

Our customer care team is trained to help and support our customers. No need for expensive in home visits.

$0 Setup Costs

Currently Senior Protection is not charging for setup or activation fees. Simply just pay the monthly monitoring.