Introducing Our New
Prime Care Station

Transform Senior Care with Our Advanced Assisted Living Prime Care Station.

Now Available

Centralized Monitoring

Real-time alerts and precise information for swift emergency and non emergency responses.

Efficient Care

Integrated systems for incident logging and detailed analytics with real time alerts and notifications.

Advanced Safety

Each room can be equipped with safety devices that report to staff & allow real time response.

Fall DEtection

Integrated pendants that can report falls or emergency button press to the station. Identifying the person or room #

Emergency buttons

Affixed Bathroom Emergency, Wireless Panic, Mobile Help Buttons, Bedside Help buttons or pull strings & More.

instant alerts

All alerts and notifications are completely customizable to the station, any mobile phone and our integrated app.

safety devices

Automated Door Locks, Video Intercom, Smoke, Fire, Carbon Monoxide Detection, Sirens, Motion & Door sensor reporting.



Experience the future of senior care with our new smartwatches!  Features include fall detection, 24/7 emergency response, GPS locator, heart rate & step count monitoring, and more. 

Don’t wait,  Get yours now with peace of mind. 

Senior Protection is pleased to announce our special offer that will save upfront costs on seniors wanting our medical alert smartwatch with fall detection.  

We have reserved our new medical alert smartwatches to leave our office and be sent directly to our customers with $0 upfront cost.

  • $0 Shipping Fees 
  • $0 Setup charges
  • $0 Activation 

Simply pay for the service that helps keep you safe every month.

Take advantage and save over $300 in receiving our new medical alert smart watch in Canada for Seniors at the best possible monitoring rate. 

* This is a promotional offer on a first come first served basis. 



Crystal clear audio: No need to hold to ear or mouth to listen or speak. Waterproof: Wear it in the bath or shower where most accidents occur. Nationwide wide coverage.

4G Coverage: Take it wherever you go in Canada. Voice Prompts: Let’s you know the status of your call or action.

GPS Location: Sends your position directly to our station and/or loved ones in any emergency situation: Ability to locate and ring the unit/user on demand.

Smart Features: Our new Medical Alert Smart Watch offers heart rate & step counting pedometer on demand, with more to come.

Plus our 24/7 emergency response with the push of a button


fall detection devices for seniors


Live alone or worried about having an emergency with no one to support you?  Our medical alert life safety smart watch will give you the lifeline you need and deserve with the simple push of the button.  

Full support and works across Canada that supports a cellular network similar to a smartphone.  With crystal clear talk & listen right through the speaker of the watch so we can be there for you if the need arises.  

Check your heart rate on demand or how many steps you have taken on any given day with the built in pedometer.  Stay active, stay healthy but most importantly please stay safe.  Contact us today so you can be protected tomorrow. 

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